Fabric Organizational Tips

Fabric organization

How to Keep Strips of Fabric Neat and Tidy

Most quilters have leftover strips of fabric from quilting projects, and those strips can become a jumbled mess if you don't have some sort of system in place to keep them orderly. Here are some methods to use to keep strips of fabric organized.

~ Keep the strips organized by length in a plastic flatware tray -- the kind of tray that holds utensils in separate compartments. You can get these at the Dollar Store and they work perfectly.

~ Use clothes pins or bulldog clips to group the strips and hang the groups on a wire clothes hanger. The fabric is ready to use when you need it and can also be hung in a closet, out of the way, when you are not sewing.

~ Place strips of similar width and color family together and store them in clear plastic bins, marked with the strip width. Strips are easy to store as they lie flat, which prevents them from wrinkling or becoming distorted.

~ Purchase 6-8” metal rings at the local craft store. Fold the scrap in half and loop it around the ring. You can organize them by color, width or length this way.

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