F.A. Edmunds Handi Clamp 8x20 Scroll Frame Set

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Manufacturer: F.A. Edmunds Co.
Manufacturer part number: 0-71562742804

From F.A. Edmunds -The Easiest to Use Scroll Frame Made!

  • Works Without Tape, Tacks, Sewing or Split Dowels
  • Wooden Ball Knobs Make Scrolling Your Fabric Easier

Handi Clamp frames from Frank A. Edmunds are the easiest scroll frames you'll ever use! This frame uses clamps to secure your stitchery rather than tape, tacks, sewing or split dowels. Included in Set: 2 - 8 Spreader Bars 2 - 20 Scroll Rods with clamps 4 Wooden Ball Knobs 4 Washers.

Product#: HC-820

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