Easter Craft and Treat Ideas

I thought I would share some Creative Easter Ideas with links to their tutorials. Some are a little unusual...

Easter Bunny Pots

Curious Little Bunny Pots by Doe's Meadow on Etsy

Easter Butt Cookies

Bunny Butt Cookies from Pillsbury

Angry Bird Eggs

Angry Birds Easter Eggs by Stephanie at Three Loud Kids

Easter Basket Martini

Easter Basket Cocktail by Marc Felion at Feast of Fun

Secret Pocket Eggs

Secret Pocket Easter Eggs by Kristin at Sewmamasew

Easter Bunny Sandwich

Easter Bunny Sandwich from Creativefunfood.com

Easter Zombies

Bloody Tableau of  Zombie Bunnies by Miss Demeanor at Criminal Creations

Easter Treats

Ultimate Easter Magic Cookie Bars by Jennifer at Not Your Mommas Cookies

Emoji Eggs

Emoji Easter Eggs by Kelly at Studio DIY

Chia Eggs

Chia Eggs by Kathy at Nurture Store

Cream Cheese Tulips

Cream Cheese Tomato Tulips by Amanda at A Few Short Cuts

Jello Eggs

Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs by Nike at Choose to Thrive

Soft Bunnies

Bunny Softies by Helen at Bustle & Sew

Peep Trees

Fluffy Easter Tree by Sharon at Crafts ‘n Coffee

Easter Egg Pound Cake

Easter Egg Pound Cake by Jennifer at Not Your Mommas Cookies

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